Chemical Structure


China India UK Scandinavia USA Canada Europe Japan
  • China


    Long term consultancy with major CRO. Interactions with several other major CROs on behalf of consulting clients.

    Helping to appreciate the requirements of the pharma clients by emphasis of integrated multidisciplinary requirements and differing nature of the stages and milestones of R&D. Aiming to maximise CRO contribution to new Medicine Discovery beyond service provision.

    Discussions with start up vetures both virtual and lab based in China and elsewhere in Asia.

  • India


    Indirect relations with CROs via clients. Currently seeking direct consultancies via established and new contacts.

  • UK

    UK & Ireland

    JD has a wide range of interactions with many organisations including several universities, charities, biotech companies (virtual and lab based), private companies, VC investors, wide range of CROs (direct and via clients) and patent attorneys.

    Activities include: Participation in preparing and reviewing grant applications and other funding activiities. Extensive licencing, patenting and collaborative activities. Advice on starting up new ventures and consultancies. Help and advice to scientists displaced by recent downsizing of major pharma.

    JD is non executive director of 3 start up ventures.

  • Scandinavia


    JD works with major pharma and medium sized oranisations in several disease areas. Evaluation, portfolio and project analysis, project coaching and strategic discussions.

  • USA


    Many consulting activities in most disease areas including small molecule projects and several respiratory device companies. Direct relations include major pharma companies, medium sized pharma, virtual biotech companies, and VC investors.

    Contacts range from occasional evaluations to regular meetings such as Scientific Advisory Boards to frequent interactions on a weekly basis. Advice on outsourcing and CRO selection. Management of outsourced projects with direct CRO involvement.

  • Canada


    Long standing consulting with major pharma and occasional interaction with start up organisations.

  • Europe

    Mainland Europe

    JD has worked with several medium sized organisations over several years and continues to do so. This work includes:

    - Advice on strategy and practice in several disease areas including vaccines as well as small molecules.

    - Occasional advice to biotech companies.

    - Initiaition of and participation in major collaborations and licencing activities.

    Major clients include privately owned and investor owned companies.

  • Japan


    No consultancies beyond exploratory discussions. JD has previous extensive experience of Japan which provides contacts to be further explored.